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Eric P. Hill creator of Natural Health Services. He is not a medical doctor. He is a natural health educator, health consultant, iridologist, nutrition and diet consultant, and Nutri-Energetics Practitioner.

For over 30 years, he has been teaching and practicing the principles of natural health and natural living. Eric was resident herbalist and store manager for University Herbs in Philadelphia, PA for 2 years. Between 1996 and 1999 he taught a continuing education course called "Natural Health & Healing" at Waco's McLennan Community College. Also in 1996 he was featured in the Waco-Tribune-Herald as one who has sparked public interest in the science of iridology and the use of natural remedies in our community.

He counsels in a variety of holistic areas including but not limited to: iridology, weight management, vegan and vegetarian diets, cleansing/detoxification, regeneration, lifestyle & wellness, the use of natural remedies, whole food nutrition, and disease prevention. Eric continues to be actively engaged in research, public speaking, educating the community and offering his years of knowledge and experiences to all who wish to enjoy a healthier, longer, and more abundant life.